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Ask Us About a Van Refrigeration Installation in Edmonton

Energlo converts a wide range of vans for refrigeration purposes. Our team has many years of experience with refrigeration reefers and air conditioning. We offer transport refrigeration equipment for all cargo vans and small trailer refrigeration units. For our experience, service, and superior parts, many choose us for their van refrigeration installation in Edmonton & Area. Our customers come from all parts of western Canada. 

Zanotti® manufactures its own industry-standard components to help you reduce your maintenance and service costs. Buying replacement parts is a great way to save money on your repairs to your refrigerated van or trailer. To ensure exceptional, long-lasting cooling performance, we offer the following OEM parts:

  • Printed circuit boards 
  • Filter driers 
  • Fan motors 
  • Compressors — Valeo® (TM, Seltec) Unicla & Sanden 
  • Refrigerant hose
  • Fittings 
  • Oil separators
  • Electric standby motors 
  • Electrical components 
  • Belts 
  • Manufacture warranty


These parts come with their respective manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re in need of a van refrigeration installation in Edmonton or the surrounding areas, call us today or visit our photo gallery to view conversion examples.







Energlo Offers Mobile cooler box. 25 cubic sizes. Have a

look at our gallery pictures. Give us a call for prices and availability. on 

these cooler units. Special orders


See examples of some of our latest conversions!

Insulated Wall Panel Kits

Our insulated wall panel kits have the following features and benefits:

  • High-density insulated panels
  • Lightweight construction (no heavy wood framing)
  • Consistent, 3” standard thickness
  • 100% insulated walls, floor and roof (highest R-value)
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Professionally cut panels (perfect fit)
  • Higher cargo payload
  • Smooth, high-gloss, white internal finish
  • Distortion-free van body panels
  • Durable
  • Ranger Stainless Shelving (Optional) 
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces

Questions on Refrigeration Reefers and Insulation

How Does a Refrigeration Reefer Work?

A reefer unit removes heat from the interior of the cargo hold and pushes it outside by means of convection. The insulated walls, floor, and roof prevent warming of contents from outside heat, while keeping everything nice and cool on the inside. Energlo installs the market’s highest capacity refrigeration reefer units. These units are capable of handling even the hottest areas of North America.

Why is Insulation Necessary?

As previously mentioned, quality insulation is vital to keeping food, medical, and other items cold. Without insulation, heat from outside the vehicle would penetrate into the cargo area, spoiling foods or ruining products. Insulation on the floor, roof, and walls also helps to keep warm air from entering the cargo area when you open and close doors. Your vehicle’s interior temperature is controlled and cooled by the reefer unit. But, without quality insulation in place, the refrigeration unit would not be able to maintain ideal temperatures within the cargo area. If insulation is lacking, it will also cause the reefer unit to work harder than it was designed to do, shortening its lifespan and creating energy inefficiencies. This is why proper insulation is a must!

What Insulation Thickness is Best for Me?

This all depends on your region’s ambient temperature fluctuations, as well as the amount of deliveries you perform each day. Since we use products with high specifications, installed by our own team, we can properly shield outdoor temperatures of 100°F (38°C) with three inches of insulation.

What is Electric Standby - Shore Power?

Plug-in electric standby, or shore power on a reefer unit, allows the reefer to continue operating, on the electric power grid, when the vehicle is stopped and switched off. A separate electric motor and compressor in the reefer unit allows the reefer to operate from 110v - 230v, one-phase, 60HZ. This option is best suited for applications that require the cargo to be cooled even when the vehicle is stationary. This option is best installed at the time of purchase. Knowing if you need stand-by or road only is a decision needed to be made at start of job.

Is Thermal Efficiency Less with Spray-Foam Insulation?

Yes. For many years traditional spray foam insulation has been the industry standard. The thermal efficiency of spray foam is generally lower due to the inconsistency of the foam thickness and air pockets. Insulation thickness and air pockets can vary, this effects the cooling performance of the reefer making it work harder and longer.

Does Spray Foam Warp the Panels on Vans?

Yes. The heat generated by spray foam causes panels to warp out of shape due to the heat and pressure of the foam. Essentially, the foam twists the steel out of shape, leaving an uneven, visually warped look on the sides of the van. Today, most vans on the market have large panels that easily warp. Energlo reduces the amount of spray foam; therefore, there is no warping with Energlo’s modular insulation system. Energlo just uses spray foam to lock the walls, ceiling, and floors together.

Is the Spray Foam Method Heavier? Why is this Important?

Energlo insulation systems do not use wood framing; therefore, the lightweight modular lining is 35% lighter than the spray foam method. With spray foam insulation, a lot of heavy wood is used to frame the van. This extra weight reduces the payload of product you are able to carry and increases fuel costs.

No screws are used in installing Energlo modular lining systems. This reduces the risk of accidental damage to van wiring or van panels when the system is being installed.

Call Energlo for a quote on your refrigeration van conversions.

Tips on Operating a Refrigeration Van

To improve operational efficiency, do the following:

  • Pre-chill the cargo area for 15 minutes before loading on very hot days.
  • Switch the reefer unit off while loading product.
  • Minimize the length of time that doors are open when delivering.
  • Store product at the correct temperature before loading.
  • Do not block the evaporator air intake or outlets.
  • Allow space around all sides of the load for air circulation.
  • Check the load temperature regularly.
  • When using power standby check that the mains power supply is suitably rated to power the reefer unit.
  • Switch the vehicle engine off and cab control off before connecting mains power.
  • Avoid using additional extension leads. Maximum length of cable: 25 feet

Energlo Diesel Heaters Inc.

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