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Energlo Diesel Heaters Inc:  Arctic Fox Dealer


Eliminate down time due to cold hydraulic fluid. Arctic Fox® has a number of solutions to keep hydraulic fluid flowing and reduce pump cavitation and blown seals.


Hydra Liner Series:

Hydroliner - Hydraulic Fluid Warner (Built to order)

Size 8",12",16",20",24" can be ordered in. Call us for lead-times

2" STOR or 2" NPT Hydroliner



Electric Fluid Reservoir Heaters

Common applications include:

  • Diesel Fuel Tanks

  • Hydraulic Rams

  • Transmission Housing


Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum backing provides for more heat distribution

  • Can be installed in sub-zero temps

  • Mounts to any smooth, metal surface

  • Standard models available in 120V, 240V, 12V and 24V applications

  • By providing more heat at a faster rate, the entire engine is warmed – not just the oil pan

  • Faster and easier engine cranking in cold weather

  • Reduces engine wear with easy flow of engine oil

  • Installs easily in minutes with no messy adhesive

  • No cutting hoses, removing frost plugs or loss of antifreeze

  • Reduces pump capitation, blow seals, and burst hoses in hydraulic applications

  • Allows hydraulic lifts and rams to operate at summer speeds




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Arctic Fox

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